Jim Kaskade

CEO, Board of Directors, and Disruptor in Woodside, California

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I'm a CEO of nineteen years. I've been a part of ten startups - 7 of which I helped found, 3 of which I was invited into, and 5 of which were sold. I lead within both small as well as large company environments with over 30 years of experience in complex enterprise technologies. My startup experience involves building hi-tech businesses, ranging from security, cloud computing enterprise software, software as a service (SaaS), online and mobile digital media, online and mobile advertising, and semiconductors. I have another ten years of big enterprise experience in data warehousing, analytical applications, and business intelligence services designed to maximize the intrinsic value of data, servicing Fortune 1000 companies in telecom, retail, and financial markets.

  • Work
    • HighBar Partners, Janrain, CSC
  • Education
    • MBA
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Computer Science