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I’m Jimmy ROLAND. Born and raised in Taylor, Texas until age thirteen, Southern California has been my home since.My professional career began in 1985 when I was hired to sing a demo recording for a local producer. That led to my meeting the CEO of an indie record label in Hollywood and signing. In the year 2000, I accepted an offer from a label in Toronto, Ontario. That project is available and entitled ‘Under The Moonlight’.I’ve had the pleasure of working with many producers, Djs and other artists since. A song that I wrote ‘My Jamaica’ (from the Moonlight project), was licensed to the government of Jamaica in early 2013 for a limited time. The Huffington Post listed another song that I wrote ‘Partners For Life’, in their June 25 ’13 edition as one of their Top 34 Songs/Anthems of 2013. A year prior to these achievements, I had the pleasure of meeting and thanking my idol and all-time favorite singer, Dionne Warwick. Without all my practicing, singing along to her records and listening to all of her interviews, I don’t know if these childhood dreams would have come true. We all need a guide/mentor and she was a great one.I’ve always been interested in acting and studied only a brief time. However in 1997, I auditioned for an event that Universal Studios Hollywood was planning for the upcoming Halloween season. The event became well known as their Halloween Horror Night. I am proud to say that I passed my audition and became their very first Horror Nights ‘Mummy’. That was followed by my being cast as the events’ Frankenstein monster for the next five years. I’m still hoping for a part television series or movie someday soon. My latest television appearance was on a rerun of ‘The People’s Court’. It was not an acting gig but rather quite real. I was acting on another court show in 2012 ‘Justice For All’. I played the role of a snooty landlord, Lloyd Fontaine, of New Orleans. My non-entertainment interests include landscape/gardening, bowling, law, business, animals and nature.

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    • Los Angeles City College