Jimmy Gunawan

Photographer, Filmmaker, and Teacher in Sydney NSW, Australia

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A passionate, creative and imaginative pilgrim, CG artist, web designer, character designer, illustrator, animator, and self-taught photographer with experiences working on print and screen multimedia who lives in Sydney, Australia. Basically all-rounder who is passionate about animation and creative visual and digital multi-media. I am happy to work at a studio that has the force and drive in creating quality and original animation to inspire and entertain many. What is your current status? In search for job. Will you take freelance job? Depends on the project and time slot. Will you do teaching? Yes, I'd love to! At the moment I am blogging a lot about Blender. It is always good to be open and try to marry some ideas together. What job are you looking for in the future? Some kind of job that is involving 3D, animation and interactive Augmented Reality. SOFT: Maya | Blender 3D | Houdini | ZBrush | Renderman | Mental Ray | Illustrator | NodeBox | ArtRage | Photoshop | After Effects HARD: Nikon D700 | FujiX100 | Olympus EP1 | Ricoh GXR | Pen & Paper | Wacom Tablet | iPad | iPhone INTEREST: Japan, Augmented Reality (AR), 3D, Animation, Experimental Music, Voxelism, Voronoi...

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    • University of Technology of Sydney