Jimmy Sommer

Jimmy Sommers Wildfox is a knit wear brand for women, which isinspired by vintage. This brand is owed by our very own musician Jimmy Sommerswho stands at the position of president as well as chief executive officer ofJimmy Sommers Wildfox.

Jimmy Sommers is considered to be one of the hottest andlegendary name in the list of world’s top smooth jazz circuit. JimmySommers has released 6 record breaking albums, all of which were best sellersof their time. he has worked in venture with many musicians of histime. his first album which was named as James café was released in1999. With the release of this album, Jimmy Sommers won a position in top 20New Adult Contemporary singles.

It was the title track of James Café which brought this positionforJimmy Sommers. Within a small time of his career as a musician, JimmySommers released an album known as Sunset collective in which he was seen witha number of musicians. It was a ventured music album.

After writing a legendary history and making his career asmusician, Jimmy Sommers left the field and went to conquer the world ofbusiness. Entrepreneurial career of Jimmy Sommers is full of surprises as hestarted with the business ventures and then carried it all alone in sole proprietorship.His first business venture was Jimmy Sommers Wildfox which was established in2007. At that time, no body even Jimmy Sommers did not know that hewas going to start another success story. He not only owns Jimmy SommersWildfox but has also bought a Hollywood Hotspot named as Koi La.Jimmy Sommers is also known to be one of the founding members of Baby Genius,

Wildfox brand ofJimmy Sommers started as a business venture in2007. The brand provides dream quality clothes. It is famous for its immensecampaigns and high quality fabric. it provide a huge range of knitwear items. This was such a successful entrepreneurship that the chiefexecutive officer announced another brand named as Jimmy Sommers Wildfox Kidsin 2009.