Dr. Jim Sabella

Director and Missionary in Czechia

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My wife Sherry and I have lived in Europe for over 20 years—the majority of the time in Prague, Czech Republic. We've served as pastor's, teachers, church planters, book publishers and everything in between. We are presently serving as the Assemblies of God World Missions Area Directors for the 100 plus missionaries serving in the 11 countries that make up the Southeast Europe area.

However, in all of those endeavors, nothing could have prepared us for what we saw when we first walked into a Roma (Gypsy) village in the eastern part of Slovakia. That day in 2012 changed our lives forever. That day we knew that we had to do something for people who were living on the margins of society in Southeast Europe, and so we started Europe's Heart.

Europe's Heart is a compassion ministry with the vision to strengthen the body and the soul of those who live on the margins of society in Central Southeast Europe.

"Our goal is to provide food for those who are hungry, clothes for those who are in need and education to those who will lead their communities, not only out of poverty but into a relationship with Jesus Christ. We will make a lasting difference in those who, may have been forgotten by society, but have not been forgotten by God."


Europe's Heart: Reaching the least of these...

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