Jim Zaccaria

Consultant, Social Media Manager, and Public Speaker in Arizona

- Born an Identical Twin, Jim is No stranger to competition or cooperation... Imagine sharing 'Quarters' as close as That for 9-months and Then competing for Food & Attention while growing up ! :-)

- Growing up in the country allowed Jim to set his Spirit Free and learn How to 'Connect' with Intuitive Energy, Nature & Animals and to be 'Handy' at an early age.

- Drafted into the US Army in 1972, he served as an MP in Berlin during the Cold War, assigned to Checkpoint Alpha at the East/West German Border at Helmstedt / Marienborn for a period of time.

- Having a Strong Love of cars, Jim became an ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician, owned his own repair shop and later,as a Certified Auto-Tech Instructor, taught upcoming technicians at a private vo-tech school, essentially to take his place "in the field".

- During his years as a Residential Painting & Remodeling Contractor, some often called Jim the 'House Whisper' because of his innate and uncanny ability to 'sense' what a building desired to be a Functional Home and to be 'set free'.

- As a Certified Massage Therapist / Energy Worker, Jim's intuitive nature is most apparent to the recipient of his talents, as he 'Dials-in' to what the person requires to Release, Relax & Reconnect with their Higher Self. As a Health Coach, Jim recommends only the Best, tested and proven practices and nutritional supplements for optimal health which he has found to be effective, only after extensive research.

- Jim is a Long time student of Psychology & Influence. Most people have No Idea How Much their Decisions & Actions are being influenced. It's important to understand what 'They' are attempting to Persuade You to Do, and Who it is one is listening to 'in their head'.

- Jim Now works with People like Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Local Businesses to Differentiate Themselves and Tell Their 'Story' through Strategic use of Social Media, Video, Mobile Marketing and More. He also has a unique way to Guarantee Third Party Endorsements from previous satisfied clients.

  • Work
    • ASE Certified Master Auto Tech
  • Education
    • Technical Trade School
    • School of Hard Knocks