Jitka Marelová


Owner and coordinator of the workshop center Rybalka in Prague (Krymská area)

Founder of "Houpací sociální sítě" project (Wish-nets: hammocks in public spaces) connecting therapy work with young homeless and and enlivening public spaces

Guide of the Hero´s journey process - designed by Paul Rebillot, as a method of bringing adventure into one´s everyday life.

Facilitator of council - circles of open communication for groups

Trainer of (not only) social workers in interculturality, drama and art-therapy, and facilitating skills

Artetherapy sessions with young homeless people (aged 18-26) in Prague in "Naděje" (daily center next to the main train station in Prague)

Member of board of Adventure Life asssocition, training youth mentors and guides of Hero´s journey process.