Jeroen Jansen

London, UK

Throughout my professional career I engaged in a wide variety of sectors, issues and working environments, mostly in management positions. This experience exposed me to different actors and developed my ability to bridge divides between cultures, industries and topics.

Across the world, I was successfully employed in the private sector, managed the deployment of humanitarian aid and worked as a head of department for one of the largest humanitarian aid organisations in the world. In my management and overall work I am strong in process and problem analysis, while having a keen eye for detail without loosing sight of the overarching issues and the results required.

I want to make things happen, solve problems while creating enabling environments for those I manage so they can achieve their goals and develop their skills. I aspire to lead and support people in addressing challenges as a team and deliver results that are more than the sum of the individual contributions.

  • #techenthusiast
  • #humanitarian&developmentaid
  • Education
    • American University in Cairo