Judith Szabo

Tactful, refined communicator, Intuitive, engaging change agent, and Passionate about colourful words, ideas & actions in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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As president and managing partner of J.J. Szabo International, Judith Szabo specializes in strategic/crisis/risk communications on complex files and sensitive issues for private, public and not-for-profit clients in Canada and abroad.


A former print and broadcast journalist, Judith has worked on some REALLY exciting large-scale projects that affect the lives of many people in countries around the world. She works her magic in public awareness and education, engagement, change management and media relations with the World Bank, the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO and for many governments around the world.

Recent projects include:

-- The UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial (UN, Government of Canada)

-- Mauritius - National Multi-Hazard Alerting and Emergency Warning System

-- Nepal - Office of the Auditor General of Nepal

-- The Caribbean, Central America - natural disaster, tsunami and emergency alerting/warning systems in ten Caribbean countries and throughout the regions

-- Africa - the Horn of Africa Drought Crisis; the conflict in Sudan, the Sudan referendum

-- Pakistan - conflict-affected internally displaced persons, Parliamentary elections

-- Government of Afghanistan - economic development

-- The Maldives - introduction of basic and old age pensions

-- Government of Canada - Foreign policy communications for the Middle East, Maghreb and on security and intelligence files, Arctic Council Chairmanship, Health Canada change organization, G8 & G20 Summits; several Summit of the Americas; avian flu pandemic; 9/11


Speaker on risk communications at the 2017 Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association annual conference.

Speaker and Presenter at the 2012 Comprehensive Disaster Management Conference in Jamaica.

One of four people in Canada chosen by the United Nations to complete public information training for first line communications response in disasters and complex emergencies.

Former long-serving member of the Canadian Board of Directors for UN Women.

  • Education
    • Masters in Public Administration (MPA)
    • Bachelors in Journalism (BA)
    • Certificate in Facilitating and Managing Complex Systems Change
    • Certificate in Gender Equality Training