Zerub Roberts

Vizag, India

Hey there! I usually don't talk much face-to-face, especially if you're new to me, so here's my chance to say something about myself. Pretty cool, eh? -

I'm a simple guy with wide interests - from Cosmology, Philosophy to Psychology and Neuroscience. Oh! I love Greek History as well! I'd love talking about philosophical issues, I'll probably won't be able to shut up! But, you'll never get bored - that, I can fully assure.

Regarding normal stuff, I'm a bit shy. It'll take a while for me to get used to strangers, unless we start off debating about something, then, I'd connect instantly!

Things I absolutely love - Cricket: I'd be ready to play it, anytime, anyplace; not with a cork ball though, that really hurts! Tv Shows!: Chuck, TBBT, HIMYM, Lost, Not going out, FRIENDS.. boy! I've watched too many! Eating - I can keep eating all day! I'll never reject an offer. If I did, it'd probably be because I might be feeling shy, not because I'm not hungry.

The little things that make me happy - Balloons, squirrels, rainbows, babies (only the cute ones), art, Oh! and the stars! absolutely love staring at them.

So, if you wanna meet me and talk to me about anything! - Philosophy, theology, cosmology, psychology, neuroscience, girls,cricket, anything! - I'd be happy to. I'm sure we'll get along just fine, as long as you don't start biting me or throwing things at me.

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