Looking for new job opportunities!!!!!! in Andalucía, España


Looking for new job opportunities!!!!!! in Andalucía, España

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I've got into the translation business some 3 years ago. However, my first steps as part-time translator had already begun in previous positions I held in which I was usually asked to translate into English some of the firm's specialized documents. In a way, I was just looking for ways to do something more relevant to my education (I already had a university degree in English Studies by the University of Salamanca). So, I started to translate, and soon realized I enjoyed it a lot!

Do you need your company’s documentation translated in English and Spanish? Perhaps you have the urgency of having these documents translated into any other languages? Do you need your documents proofread and edited? Do you need some cultural advice? That is why I am here to help you grow your business!

I offer you highly qualified translation services with a range of specialisations and very competitive price.

My primary areas are law and legal texts in general (contracts, articles of association, litigation, intellectual property, company law, certified translations....), as well as finance and economics, marketing and industrial translations.

I also translate general interest articles such as brochures for the tourism industry.

Some of my recent projects include:

Legal: Legal documents pertaining to several SMEs, Articles of Association, Income Tax Statements documents

Business & Finance: Commercial catalogues, translation of international business contracts, Financial statements and reports on creditworthiness for SMEs.

Medical: Translation of various medical questionnaires, health-related brochures

Industry: Translation of product specifications for ceramic-plated cases in aircraft