Jacqueline Malone

Founder, God's Amazing Gifts, Public Speaker, and World Changer in the United States

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Jacqueline Malone has over 15 years of technological knowledge and experience working in the fine areas of customer experience and support, Project Management, graphics and web focused design and layout. Jacqueline has spent the last few years partnering with global corporations to aide in internal and external quality growth and development projects. Key industries have been within the corporate, legal, retail, banking, real estate, non-profit, and small business development sectors. Jacqueline is an avid volunteer within her church and community with a passion for service and outreach missions. She has been affiliated with organizations such as BDPA, PMI, ASQ, Project Eden, Kingdom Running Club, Elijah Running Club, Fight Against Cancer and UCAN. These organizations aid in one or more areas of educational outreach, child and community services, health and fitness, cancer awareness and business quality standards and best practices. Her love and passion for God, community and world initiatives has aided her in the development of God's Amazing Gift Enterprises, LLC a company focused on changing the world through God's word and love initiatives. The company is called to champion global service initiatives and is a direct response to all forms of hatred and dissolution of unity. God's Amazing Gift Enterprises, LLC launched its first online missions based division in August 2015 called God's Amazing Gifts, a faith apparel and gift store. The store's slogan, Beyond Inspired, is a reminder that God's word is more than inspiration, it is transformation of life. This division's call to duty is to spread the seed of God's word in order to promote a faith based lifestyle and not a trend. To date, the division has been featured in Christian News Service, ChristianPress.com and on Christian Radio.