J Mark Dodds

London and Berwick Upon Tweed

Laying foundations for the People's Pub Partnership.

PPP is a Social Business that will radically impact the UK pub sector for Good - It will be a crowd funded, fossil fuel free, managed pub company developing a genuinely sustainable supply chain and operate under a John Lewis style constitution.

I'm co founder of the Fair Pint Campaign and was one of the steering group of the Fair Deal For Your Local coalition which was instrumental in bringing regulation coming into effect on the UK tied pub sector from May 2016. With its campaign objective achieved FDFYL wound down activities in 2015 to be replaced by the British Pub Confederation.

I'm a licensee campaigning to make sure that good pubs can serve good communities for now and into the future. I have a lot of practical food and drink experience in restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs and also have worked in photography and landscape design.

The PPP proposition is to buy and invest in freehold pubs that have been run into the ground through decades of chronic neglect. Then to reinvigorate them to be attractive, vibrant, bustling community hubs that operate right at the heart of their communities. Each pub will meet all the expectations British people rightly have of our best traditional pubs but they will be comprehensively retrofitted so they run without using any fossil fuels. Every pub will have on site power generation and renewable source electricity supply to make them at least carbon neutral. PPP pubs will be attractive, welcoming places that exceed consumer expectations and are totally relevant to all stakeholders: their customers and employees.

The company will grow to involve craft brewing, bakery, local, regional and genuinely sustainable, measured and monitored supply chains. It will work with like minded organisations and statutory authorities to pioneer low environmental impact and Fair Trade business principles and to disseminate exemplary practices across society.

Good pubs are glue to good communities. Pubs are exciting; what happens in them can influence mass behaviour change. We need to know there is HOPE, that we CAN change our ways and have FUN doing it!

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