JMC Dental Clinic

Dentist and Dental Implants in Łódź, Polska

JMC Dental Clinic

Dentist and Dental Implants in Łódź, Polska

JMC Dental Clinicis a top section ofrecognizedandappreciativespecialized clinic called JMC Medycyna i Stomatologia, located in thecity ofLodz. It wasbrought to life at the very beginning to see foreigners to themutualsatisfaction.

Over the few years we were visited by manyfrom UK, Scandinavia, the USA, the Beneluxcountries and beyond. Our dentists have proven that thetarget set by the patient and his contentment is the highestpriority. Individual approach to eachpatient and comprehensiveness of services provide anefficient and stress-free treatment.

We know that during treatment the mostimportant are: peace, relaxation and positiveattitudeof the patient. Thus the idea of ​​changing theimage of the cold, harsh surgeries to subtly decorated rooms withharmonious colors. Airy, open spaces are a metaphor forour professionals, and stylish design of the rooms reflectsthe aesthetics of the doctor's work.

Theknowledge gained so far andcontinuously enlarged is applied in our surgeries in order to solveproblems of our patients in a reliable and responsibleway, with afull range of dental services:

• Dental Implants
• Cosmeticdentistry - Veneers
• Painless Dental Surgery
• Root CanalTreatment
• Conservative dentistry
• Pedodontics
• X-ray diagnostics, OPG, RVG

Full range of dental services is notonly backed by the knowledge and experience of thedoctor, but also affluent office equipment. We have a broadbase of specialized equipment (including our own X-raylaboratory) allowing for accurate diagnosis of the causes ofdisease and to carry out operations which require high accuracyand precision. In matters of cleanliness and sterility can be nocompromises or savings. We have an own central sterilization,which according to the standards in force in the EU countries,guarantees you a sense of security and ensure that alloperations are carried out under the highest hygiene.

Here FREE consultation, excellentdiagnosis techniques, doctors with open andfriendly manner, and a vast range of treatmentsthere for you so as leaving our clinic you could feel fullysatisfied like never before.

Contact us:

JMC Dental Clinic
Tel.: + 48 42 686 2880
Tel.: + 48 501 611 668
Zlotno34, Lodz
94221, Poland

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