John-Michael Dumais

Life Coach, Writer, and Musician in Keene, New Hampshire

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I am most interested in conscious evolution, the potential of myself and others to wake up and create a different world together, one that works for everyone. Central to this is the teaching of nonviolence, which is both about reframing our own tendencies around separation and defensiveness, and building a new language and set of skills around staying in the heart in the midst of all kinds of difficult and challenging experiences.

I am a student of Integral theory and practice and of Spiral Dynamics, which together help to inform a way of considering oneself and the world through multiple valid (if necessarily partial) perspectives.

On my own time, I work to help others free their authentic voice and communicate from the authentic heart. I facilitate inner process work (self-healing of traumas of all kinds). I play guitar and sing, lead sound circles, performing original chants and songs and those from traditions around the globe.

My just-ended day job was as Executive Director for the NH Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty ( I worked with an excellent team of people who have been committed, many for decades, to ending this inhumane punishment.

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