Jim Morrison IV

Jim Morrison IV started his career in the early 90's at the ripe old age of 13 as a Travel photographer in the streets of South East Asia. Publishing in magazines around the world and a stint at York University for History and English, Jim eventually turned his passion of storytelling and the visual medium towards film. Jim, now a 12 year veteran director/producer has mounted over a hundred productions in over 40 countries. His film work has ranged from conflict zone documentary "Exile and Empire" in Iraq after the fall of Saddam, 1 hour documentary series "Popaganda" , Commercials, ground breaking Music Videos and Rock Concerts garnering him multiple awards and recognition from his peers.

Jim works passionately as development producer, and director/shooter. He recently shot a factual docu-comedy for HBO and is currently series directing You Gotta Eat Here for The Food Network.