Jerry Ned Pruitt III

Music Industry and Licensing in Nashville, Tennessee

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Hey all. My name is Ned Pruitt. I'm an Augusta, GA native that puts a hip and modern twist on what you expect from your traditional "Georgia Boy." I graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelors in Business Management and a certificate in music business. I am incredibly passionate about the entertainment industry and about how technology pushes it forward in amazing ways. If you can ever catch me not ranting about the entertainment industry, you will find that I love food, coffee, beer, and wine, all of which are reasons why I love living in Nashville now.

In terms of event planning experience, I planned and promoted a 500+ person event my sophomore year of college called Island Party, I worked a music venue called the Iron Factory, and I have DJ'd multiple parties and weddings. All of this experience has given me insight into the kinds of needs that all different people have for events, whether that be promoting and running strong social media campaigns, or just managing to get out enough invites to to everyone in effective ways. Other than events, I have worked at SESAC for awhile now, and have learned a lot about what it takes to make cold calls, get on the phone with decision makers, and educate people on a product that they may not know much about.

  • Work
    • SESAC
  • Education
    • University of Georgia
    • Westminster Schools of Augusta