Jo Sabin

I am an experienced business consultant with a professional background encompassing a range of business startups and SMEs in publishing, healthcare, entertainment and IT. I've cut my teeth in online marketing management, marketing communications and market research roles.

My professional interests include disruptive business models, business creativity and ideation, marketing strategy and execution, startups, building social brands, market development, customer development, community management and niche marketing.

Prior to consulting, I worked as a Customer Development Manager at Pollenizer, an Australian-based Internet business startup incubator, where I contributed to, and executed business model testing and growth strategies across online and offline marketing touch points to develop and acquire customers. I was also the Australian brand representative for the online custom book publisher Blurb, my market development role including creating partnerships, promotions and online community outreach and management.

Other stuff: Avid consumer of music, art, film, food (try-hard gourmand); impulse book-buyer; urban explorer. Fascinated by China, technology, the social web and living more sustainably. My middle initial is X.