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"...Hello? I wonder if you can help me. You don't know me but I'm the babysitter. I'm looking for the mother of a little girl. P.C. (Joani) was dropped off for a few hours and I don't mind watching her but...that was 2 weeks ago..."

Raised by her Grandmother, Joani received a second chance at life and ran with it. Child psychologists were astonished at all that this 5 yr old girl remembered. Joani is now a bestselling author, speaker, advocate, actress, and mother of four. She is writing a fantasy thriller (, has launched 3 brands including and and has created countless business names and branding for other businesses. A featured contributor and 2012 Nations United Social Media Award nominee, Joani works 19 hrs. per day on her dreams and couldn't be happier!

OK, I work 19 hrs. a day. So-what, right? Lots of people do. So here's what separates me (per, my closest friends and stranger in the food court): I'm genuine from the "door". Sometimes to a fault. My confidence is what draws people to me but also pushes some of the same people away. I love first; ask questions later. I trust until given a reason not to, not the other way around. I give more than I receive, I hand jive when no one is looking (and sometimes forget when they are), I have the long-term memory of an elephant (I could tell you the birthdays of my entire 5th grade class) but couldn't tell you where I put my keys 5 min. ago. I get butterflies in my stomach when I help others, I say what I mean and mean what I say which sometimes comes off as "cocky" to introverts but I'm happy, not perfect.

I'm also no small thinker. Hennig Brandt heated urine residue and, later, captivated club-goers everywhere with glow-sticks! Did I lose you? I'm just saying that this is how I live my life. I believe you can have/do ANYTHING once you decide that you want it.

"...whether she is supporting anti-bullying initiatives or joining the conversation of a multi-platform talk show, Joani believes in the power of words, relationships and everyone demonstrating more kindness in their lives." - Bryan Moore, Supervising Producer of 'OMG! Insider' (CBS)

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