Joanna Free

educator in the United States

Joanna Free

educator in the United States

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I'm an educator also licensed in mental health and in the treatment of addiction.

I did counseling and therapy full-time+ for twenty+ years. Thought I'd never stop... then I did.

I was also a dedicated tobacco user for as many years, starting at age 12. Thought I'd never stop... then I did. Grateful for everyone and everything that helped me get and stay free.

Now I teach other people how to kick tobacco, stay free and love it (but only if they want to).

I call this BUTTKICKING, which seems simple but involves MANY strategies including: a practice called BodyMind Bridge... community building... art... science... t-shirts... and love. Fervent, unrelenting love. Militant optimism. And the element of surprise.

Have been doing this buttkicking full-time for several years. Wrote a book, too - then another! Have some great endorsements now, and (surprisingly) great results - people with decades of smoking history who are now completely butt-free and loving life.

If you (or someone else you love:) may be ready to kick tobacco and you're feeling stuck on how to get started, drop me a line. It's not just what I do and do well - it's also what I LOVE to do.

Thanks for stopping by.