Joanna Free

educator in the United States

Joanna Free

educator in the United States

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I specialize in buttkicking - teaching tobacco users exactly how to kick tobacco, stay free and LOVE it (but only if they want to:)

I especially love working with the "lost causes" - tobacco users who have tried so many things and so many times, they've just thrown up their hands and resigned themselves to smoking.

That was me, too, before I stumbled upon the way out.

Then I formulated a way to stay free and to love my life thereafter.

This buttkicking thing may seem simple - especially if you've never struggled with tobacco! - though I go at it with a bunch of strategies, tactics and tools, including: a practice called BodyMind Bridge... community building... art... science... t-shirts... sooo much more... and LOVE. Fervent, unrelenting love. Militant optimism. And the element of surprise.

Have been doing this buttkicking full-time for several years; part-time for MANY years before, ever since the year after I kicked.

Wrote a book, too - then another. Have some great endorsements now (Thank You!) and (surprisingly) great results - people with decades of smoking history who are now COMPLETELY butt-free and loving life.

If you (or someone else you love:) may be ready to get ready to kick tobacco and unclear on how to get started, drop me a line.

Buttkicking is not just what I do - it's also what I LOVE to do.

Thanks for stopping by.

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