Joanna Picardi

CEO and Founder in Boston, Massachusetts

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Joanna Picardi is the CEO and Founder of JP Business Solutions, based in Boston, Massachusetts. Her work ethic is truly unparalleled. For the past two decades, Joanna has had the opportunity to work with highly respected corporate executives. Through her career driven work experience, Joanna immersed herself in every aspect of the business. Over the course of her experience, she became invested in construction accounting, specifically topics such as government projects, sustainable economy and sustainable development.

Joanna is aware of just how crucial responsible financial leadership is for the success of any business. She understands that to manage a company's finances properly, you need to have skill, knowledge and dedication. These skills are necessary whether the goal is to experience exponential growth or achieve profitability. Her years of experience in the industry have resulted in her mastering the ability to ensure long-term financial health for businesses, improve profitability and drive change. With her company JP Business Solutions, Joanna Picardi has been able to foster close relationships with her clients, which she then turns into long-term solutions and success.

JP Business Solutions provides clients with a wide range of consulting services, all designed to help companies reach their full potential. JP Business Solutions focuses on small businesses and construction companies. Their team understands that all companies are unique, meaning a one-size-fits-all approach won't work. Joanna Picardi and the JP Business Solutions team provide their clients with a unique and customized approach depending on their goals and the industry that they work in. Dedicated to the success of her clients, she forms strong relationships that develop into long-term solutions and success by devoting her time to analyzing business models and processes, and systemizing operating structures and procedures.

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