Joanne Best

Sayreville New Jersey

So what’s the protocol when it comes to all about me?
I mean I could write some autobiographical type thing but I’d be bored in no time. Although actually if I could attach some sort of mind-meld thing so you could peer into my brain like looking at a movie it’d be pretty damn cool.
Sex and drugs and rock and roll when you’ve done eight years in Catholic school makes for an awful lot of word-mining, I mean if writing is on the horizon.
Writing is on my horizon.
I think too much talk too much love too much am alone too much care too much write, well, can anyone ever write too much? Nope.

So I write as much as I can as often as I can about anything I can. I write whatever my Muse wants me to write, and my Muse loves me to write about her mostly, but inbetween I like to write paranormal fiction, romance included, poetry, prose, non-fiction, anything that strikes my fancy.

I've been honored to receive several writing awards as well as being published in several 'zines and spend my downtime working on a novel. Or three. That is, when I'm not living in the wonderful world of Word Press.

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