Joanne DelBalso

Social Media Strategist and Accountant in Syracuse, New York

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I am a daughter, mother, wife, friend, small business owner, accountant, enrolled agent, social media enthusiast and a total tech geek.

I am currently looking for small business owners that are looking to learn more about how to tap into the potential of social media marketing. I currently offer one on one training sessions for specific social media sites (twitter; facebook fanpages, linkedin, youtube etc.) Just to name a few. I offer a social media evaluation; that is my most popular service, where you are given a complete check list of actionable items you can take to improve your social media marketing strategies. No long term drawn out process with me (unless you want it that way). I offer from as simple as a 1 hour session to 3 hour consulting packages.

I am currently preparing to launch my new website . You can take advantage of a free download I have available, while the site is being built. If you have ever struggled with what to post on your facebook fanpage wall, then this download is for you. I have listed out 30 of the best status update ideas you can use for your fanpage. just head over to the website and you will see where you can get the file.

What to learn more about what I am about and how you can make the shift from being socially awkward to being socially awesome? Then head on over to my private facebook group and request access.