Joann Lim Lesiuczok


I AM (a): Connoisseur of Life & Lifestyle Designer. God is my C.E.O. Foodie. World Traveller. Soccer Player. Allergic to Tree Nuts, Shellfish & Mediocrity. Love Naps. Thought-Provoker. Soul-Stirrer. Multi-instrument Musician. Professional Dreammaker. Drew’s Wife.

I help people: Unleash Greatness, Be Exceptional, and Unwrap Everyday Gifts

I am Passionate about: Jesus and the question “Can I Trust You?”

I Speak About: Dangerous Love

Dangerous Love transforms the way we create, design, and educate.

It transforms the way we see, feel, and experience.

Dangerous Love is a deadly threat to mediocrity…and that’s scary amazing.

Dangerous Love unveils the miraculous in the mundane, the opportunities hidden inside every obstacle, and creates the space in which you and I..come alive.

Thought-Provoking. Soul-Stirring. Game Changing.