João Henrique Machado Silva

Software Engineer, Consultant, and Writer in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Self taught developer with about 16 years of experience with software development, architecture design and team leadership.

Having worked on and helped design high scale applications I have a vast experience in many programming languages, frameworks and all the phases in a software development cycle. I also have a bachelors degree in Business administration with a minor in International Commerce and have post-graduate degree in Business Management, which gives me a wide view of the business.

Strong entrepreneurial spirit, very pro-active, communicative and loves challenge.

For me the best solution is usually the simplest one!

Open Source Contributor and enthusiast!

Current Specialties:
- Software development and Agile Methodologies.
- Team Leadership
- Architectural Design
- Go
- NodeJS
- Some experience with Python
- And other languages...
- Basically a Polyglot Programmer!
- Extensive AWS Experience
- Good knowledge of Devopsie tools and tasks
- Basically I like to play around with anything tech related.