João Henrique Machado Silva

Software Engineer, Consultant, and ops in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Self taught developer with loads of experience in a number of different areas of software engineering. I have helped design, develop and implement end to end applications of all sizes that range on a number of platforms including Windows (VB5, 6, Dotnet), OSX Native (Objective-C), Mobile Applications (iOS, Android), Cloud Computing (AWS, GCP) and Unix.

I have engineered complex and high scale application, helped built and led small and medium sized teams, delivering quality software on time and under budget.

I have a vast experience in many programming languages, frameworks, design patterns and all the phases in a software development cycle. I also have a bachelors degree in Business administration with a minor in International Commerce and have post-graduate degree in Business Management, which gives me a wide view of the business.

Specialties Skills:
- Software development
- Systems Design
- Agile Methodologies.
- Team Building and Leadership
- Go
- NodeJS
- Python
- Rust
- Pretty good with C
- And other languages...
- Basically a Polyglot Programmer!
- Cloud Computing (AWS, GCP)
- Lot's of Kubernetes and Containerization experience.
- Well versed in Devops and SRE practices.
- Basically I like to play around with anything tech related