Joaquin Fagundo

Director, Consultant, and Project Manager in Parkland, FL, United States

Joaquin Fagundo is a distinguished Technology Executive with over 20 years of experience, specializing in leadership and strategic management for large-scale enterprises. His expertise extends to running his consulting business, offering technology and transformation advice to C-level executives and enterprise organizations. Previously, he showcased his leadership as the Director of Service Delivery at Capgemini and as Program Director at Tyco International, aligning integration strategies with corporate mergers. At HCL for The Walt Disney Company, he managed critical infrastructure operations with a team of over 600, demonstrating his capability to drive major projects to success.

Fagundo is recognized for his exceptional project management, especially in infrastructure architecture, data center migration, IT portfolio management, and strategic planning. His role in operations, program management, and proposal development underscores his comprehensive understanding of technology deployment in business. His skills in cloud orchestration, automation, managed services, and global IT delivery highlight his versatility in the tech field.

Renowned for turning challenging operations into successful ventures, Fagundo excels in increasing revenue and enhancing profitability, marking him as a key player in technology transformation. His ability to maintain strong customer relationships and manage extensive resources effectively has propelled him to new heights in his career. Joaquin Fagundo's strategic direction, combined with his knack for navigating complex engagements, has established him as a respected figure in the technology sector, driving significant deals to fruition with unmatched expertise.

  • Work
    • Joaquin Fagundo-IT Consulting
  • Education
    • Corllins University