Jocelyn Sage Mitchell

Political Scientist in Boston, MA, United States

Jocelyn Sage Mitchell

Political Scientist in Boston, MA, United States

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Jocelyn Sage Mitchell is a political researcher, public speaker, educator, and author. Jocelyn grew up amid the woods and lakes of Maine, earned her PhD in Government at Georgetown University, and spent 14 years in Qatar as a professor of American and Middle East politics. Jocelyn loves collaboration and team projects that solve real-world problems!

Jocelyn focuses on communities. She's interested in how individuals communicate with one another, as well as how they communicate their needs to their respective governments in order to have their voices heard.

Outside of the office, Jocelyn Sage Mitchell and her husband like to cook and have experimented with the world of mixology, crafting many cocktail recipes. Her braised chicken cooking video even won a competition in 2020! Jocelyn also likes to meditate and get involved in her community.

Jocelyn is passionate about meditation and makes a point to practice mindfulness in her everyday life. She believes that by having a growth mindset anyone has the ability to learn, grow, and improve in every area of one's life. In her spare time Jocelyn can often be found reading or completing crossword puzzles.

Recently, Jocelyn Sage Mitchell and her family have moved back to the States and settled into the Greater Boston Area. She enjoys spending time in nature, finding new farmer's markets, and visiting her parents in Maine. Jocelyn has also been enjoying decorating her family's new home.

With two young children, Nick and Jocelyn are constantly looking for ways to improve their space-saving efforts. They're excited to share their favorite tricks and tips with others. Some of these include budgeting and organizing projects, as well as the store furniture that can deliver style and value for small spaces.

Like many people who were affected by the pandemic, Nick and Jocelyn decided to start making drinks at home. They were helped by a group of like-minded individuals, which eventually led to the creation of the Wednesday Night Club.

Through Zoom, they were able to host each other and create new cocktails. They would then deliver the ingredients to each other so that they could raise a glass. After being vaccinated and certain restrictions lifted, they were able to get together and drink real drinks.

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