Jochen Nuding

Small Business Owner, self-educated person, and selfpublishing creative books in Germany, Berlin

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Hello everybody. I’m a small business owner since 2018 living in Germany, Berlin. I use Open Source Linux openSuse and Blender for 3D Animation. Selfpublishing Creative Books 4U to make Daumenkinos or Flip Books easy without crafting was fun! My Webcomic Knuud & Ksavver is free for all and the story just began. A creative Cartoon and a Comic Strip is available too. I’m also interested in bibel reading and beeing creative. You can find my books and blogs by using the button above. All my stuff, for now, is available in German only. But I'm thinking about doing things too with more pictures and szenes than words. Looking forward, what comes ... be blessed. Jochen