Jo Danehy

Cohasset, California (near Chico)

After twenty years as a pediatric nurse caring for kids with cancer I am happy to be in nursing part time following my real passion, equine and canine photography. I also live on a beautiful piece of land I call Sundog Ranch. The dream of Sundog started over ten years ago. Raw land covered in brush on a rocky ridge with a view to die for. After years of persistence and toil, my husband "Rockin Roy" and I have turned the raw land into quite the paradise. If you are ever going to see a Sundog (a real atmospherical phenomenom) you will see it at our place.
The other sundogs who reside here are of the moving kind. Five Golden Retrievers who taught me all I needed to know about taking photographs of moving objects. We also have two horses, a Appaloosa gelding named GQ and Chiron my 5 yr old buckskin quarter horse who never ceases to amaze me with his antics. And that is not all. We have 7 goats to clear brush and two donkey's to guard the goats.
I'm here for the beauty, isolation and to be my with my animals. My animals are my entertainment. And since I don't have enough to do between my animals, nursing and photography I've decided to start a blog titled "The Sundog Drift". The subject of "The Drift" is about life here on Sundog with an occasional tale of a trip to Tahoe with the dogs. Or one of my favorite things to do, photograph wild horses in the deserts of Northern California and Nevada.
As you can imagine there are many stories to tell about life here on Sundog and beyond. I hope you "catch my drift".

Adios Amigos!

  • Work
    • RN and Photographer
  • Education
    • BSN California State University, Chico