Jodi Lea Stewart

Writer and Author in the South and Southwest

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. . . a fiction author who believes in and writes about the triumph of the human spirit through overcoming adversity . . .

Jodi Lea Stewart grew up smelling cedar berries and cow pens on a large cattle ranch wedged between the Navajo Nation and the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Her friends were Native American and Hispanic, with a few Anglos thrown in for good measure.

Many monsoon seasons later, Jodi writes historical and contemporary novels set in the South and Southwest.

Jodi's sixth novel, "TRIUMPH, A Novel of the Human Spirit" debuted September 2020.

What's TRIUMPH about? TRIUMPH, a novel of the Human Spirit weaves together three vivid storylines featuring two friends of different races defying the odds of 1950s bigotry. A family saga that resonates throughout decades of American history to illuminate some of the central questions of our time, dramatizing who we are, how we got here, and where the better angels of our nature impel us to go. The novel’s epic sweep sends you from the Louisiana Swamps to New Orleans, Texas, and St. Louis. It opens in 1903 as two children are ripped from their homes. One is abducted by a secretive voodoo sect; the other is presented to a former Texas Ranger as part of a life-changing plea for help. Their uncertain fates set in motion events that reverberate decades later.

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