Jo Doran

Marquette, Michigan

Join me in my love of writing, teaching, and yes... knitting. Need help with your paper? I will give you feedback. Need someone to talk about pedagogy? Let's discuss theory and/or application. Need help as an L2 student? Contact me. Want help learning to knit - (with circular needles)? Let me know.

Born and raised in the upper peninsula of Michigan (the U.P.), I have lived on Long Island, in Missouri, Minnesota, and Montana, and I've spent time in Prague and Germany. Every where I've been I've found amazing people - individuals who manifest themselves and their energy toward others in this world and who make life much more livable by expending their creativity and goodness.

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor and the ESL Coordinator at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan on the most beautiful of the Great Lakes: Lake Superior. Along with my MFA in creative writing/poetry. I earned my PhD in Rhetoric & Composition with ESL and Writing Center Administration Secondaries in 2013 from Purdue University. Additionally, I have 10 years teaching experience in technical/business writing, genre, English Senior Seminar, composition, and ESL, and 10 years of tutoring experience in University writing labs.

I write poetry, spend a good deal of time helping international students and L1 students gather ideas for their own writing, give feedback to previous students to help them acquire jobs, and knit (socks usually) every night. I am learning how to play the cello. Additionally, I have a friend who will be teaching me how to spin my own yarn.

Contact me - as I would love to meet you and chat.

My Skype name is recnikyjo

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