Jody Royer

Writer and Book Reviewer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Jody Royer is an independent fiction writer currently writing his debut novel. Royer is best known locally in the Montreal, Canada area as a writer and reviewer of Sci Fi novels and short stories. On his official website, Royer hosts a blog series of book reviews and book recommendations. The series focuses on stories in his favorite genres: Science Fiction / Sci Fi, Technology Fiction and Mystery. But now, the book reviewer is gearing up to switch roles from reader to writer! In anticipation of his new endeavor as a writer, the author is shining the spotlight on fellow self-published and upcoming independent fiction writers from around the world.

Jody Royer is a former Information Technology (IT) Specialist turned fiction writer. But the truth is, Royer has always had a passion for reading and writing! Now he’s taking his love of literature to the next level by embarking on a path towards independent publishing. His first novel is currently in the drafting and development stage. Stay tuned for updates on what’s to come! In the meantime, you can find book recommendations on his official website where he shares reviews on the best science fiction and tech short stories of 2023!