Jody Whitaker

Jody is currently working his novel “Immutable: Memory”. He is in the process of writing and editing the manuscript. Jody is also in the process of writing down ideas for the next book in the series “Immutable: Witness”. The Immutable series will be offered as a free serialized audiobook at He author will follow in the enormous footsteps of a wonderful author - Kimberly Steele. Although Jody hopes the series is as dark, interesting, sexual, historical, and taboo as the author of "Forever Fifteen" he will give it his best effort. Immutable follows Drake Livingston, a popular writer of immortal fiction. One day he was laying in a hospital bed suffering from amnesia and the next moment he began to pen tales about night wondering bloodsuckers. All he could remember about his past life is that his name was Drake. His passion in his present life is to author novels on the subject of The Kindred kind. The adventure begins when someone who knew Drake from his past life meets up with him at his office. With an exception of the re-occurrence of the “Brain Scramble” dream, his past life brain refused to allow him to remember who he was before the hospital. Duvall comes with camaraderie and with unspeakable knowledge of his past. Knowledge that is so secret and unspeakable that Drake has to be shown and not told what it is and how to deal with it. The secret is of what he was and who he can choose to become. Whether he chooses his fate and takes his new-found friend’s advice or chooses to keep on writing the novels that made him a Rock-Star author is entirely up to him. But with his actions or in-actions lives could be retained or taken in a whisper. A whole existence could cease to be with just one phrase out of the lips of a humble novelist. Immutable: Memory is slated to be published in the first quarter of 2011. Share and Enjoy: