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Serial Entrepreneur

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If you're looking to defy limits and transform the way you do business, we must talk!

I'm the Founder/CEO of Mighty Joe Ventures. We provide data services and technology solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.

I've been working with small and mid-size businesses since 2015. I help them get more customers predictably and consistently, for less than what they would spend on a single newspaper advertisement.

I manage Temple Terrace Local, a news and media page that covers local area news, events, recreations, and deals in Temple Terrace, FL. Under this brand, I also operate an online directory that showcases businesses serving the Temple Terrace area.

Furthermore, I assist local businesses with strategies to enhance their current marketing and sales systems without overspending on expensive advertising. I teach secret insider tips for customer retention and unveil techniques to encourage past customers to return and make repeat purchases.

I believe that while I can, and do, everything for my clients, our partnership flourishes with some simple training, giving my clients a better understanding of how effective modern online methods are.

I envision a business landscape where every owner recognizes the immense potential of various digital mediums and implements proven and duplicatable systems so that they can build dependable, failsafe, and pandemic-proof businesses.

I've worked with various corporates for well over a decade, including Accenture and international banks like HSBC. My corporate experience has helped me gain an in-depth understanding of economics. Armed with this intel I've helped dozens of businesses achieve exponential growth while keeping costs at a minimum.

Lately, I've started consulting on Google Grants and Govt. Relief Programs in an effort to support local businesses.

I'm also a book talent hunter and love writing. I'm getting ready to launch my most recent book ‘Productivity Secrets Unlocked: Flipping Procrastination on its Head’. Click the ‘Watch my videos’ button above to view the teaser video.

When I'm not in my office OR spending time with my wife and my little boy, I allow myself to luxuriate in my #1 pastime: reading!

If I have to cherry-pick ONE book, I'd settle on the century-old classic, The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles.

I'm also a big Zig Ziglar fan. One of his quotes, “You can get everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want”, is my all-time favorite.

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