Joe Hadzicki

Joe Hadzicki is the inventor, designer and engineer who developed the Revolution Kite.

During the summer of 1987, Joe was driving home after completing a degree in mechanical engineering in Santa Barbara, California and noticed a big, husky guy being grug along the park near the San Diego Bay by a kite. He was immediately fascinated and began to learn more about kiting; designing, building, and improving along the way. After several months of designing and flying kites with his two brothers, Jim and David, the trio arrived at a 'revolutionary' new four-line kite design, one that could be controlled with unprecedented precision.

Joe's kite, although modified and improved over the years, is still the most beloved indoor and outdoor quad line kite designed for speed, precision, team flying, power kiting and buggying. Thousands of Revolution Kites can be found throughout the world in parks, on beaches, and in gymnasium rafters.

Joe serves as a Board Member for the Drachen Foundation, based in Seattle, Washington.

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