Joe Ortenzi

Interaction Designer in Sydney, Australia

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I'm a User Experience Architect working in Sydney, Australia. I am a vociferous advocate for accessibility, universal design, collaborative interaction design, rapid prototyping and testing/compliance. I am a champion of the user's perspective, creating environments with fewer frustrations and more pleasure.

I also like bringing people together for conversations. I founded the London Web Standards Group, and am the IxDA Sydney Local Leader since 2014. I also organised networking events like webBlastSYD. I have presented at conferences and professional events and have also lectured on user-centered design, communication strategy, and mobile application testing. I also seem to be managing over a dozen Wordpress accounts for myself and others. Can't keep my fingers out of the code it seems.

You can convince me of almost anything if you buy me a good enough seafood Laksa but I may choose to dominate a conversation about urban cycling or social policy if plied with enough merlot. I also like to cycle, cook, saw, solder, tinker, garden, listen to jazz, torture my bass guitar and pontificate. Look for wheelyweb to find traces of me across the interwebs.

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