Joe Baker

Entrepreneur in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Joe Baker is the co-founder and CEO of Save The Storks, an innovative non-profit that helps pregnancy centers reach thousands of moms across the country with love, life-affirming support, and an alternative to abortion. After founding Storks in 2011 with his wife, Ann, they have grown the company from just a revolutionary idea to a 30-member team headquartered in Colorado Springs.

Joe Baker loves adventure, he actually thinks it’s his spiritual gift. He and Ann fell in love while rock climbing in the backcountry of Wyoming and Joe proposed while skydiving. Then, instead of buying a house after they were married, they bought a Mercedes Sprinter van on their credit line and toured America casting their vision of how to save mom’s and babies from abortion.

However, Joe and Ann’s greatest joys are their little boys named Samuel Adventure and Sylvan Lightyear. Samuel at only four years old is already a rock climber. Sylvan still bobs along in Joe's backpack.

In the end, Joe and Ann's passion for families and love of adventure and the outdoors is inspired by their love for the Creator. This infectious faith drives everything they do. They experience God most vividly outdoors, so if you are looking for Joe an Ann on the weekend, try taking a hike at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs and look up.

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