Joe Antenucci

New York, Ny Usa

Chasing my dreams in NYC, I came here in Feb 2012 to live in the most exciting city in the world.

My unconventional journey / education began in 2010. After two years of switching majors at Ohio State, I decided to dropout in order to work and travel abroad. I took a one way flight to Mexico City and made it all the way to Bogota, Colombia where I taught English, learned how to speak Spanish, and failed to learn how to dance Salsa.

I am a big believer in free work. In 2011, I got started as an apprentice for Michael Ellsberg and separately helped build the community at UnCollege, where I learned about the amazing opportunities for innovation in education.,

In 2012, I moved to NYC without a job or a place to live. Through my former boss, I connected with Shrink for Entrepreneurs and was his jack of all trades, managing his amazing clients + entrepreneurs and building the best online accountability coaching program accountability coaching program in the world.

Right now I work at Enstitute where we are changing the game in higher ed. We build young entrepreneurs (ages 18-24) by matching them with veteran entrepreneurs, turning startups into learning labs and founders into mentors. No degree required!

Before moving to New York, I spent time living and working abroad in some of the biggest cities in South America, spending 10 of the best weeks of my life in Ecuador study abroad. I wrote about some of those experiences here.

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