Joe Bidwell

Servant of God in Los Angeles, California

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"You see love and hate, good and evil, right and wrong. I see what is and what will be, and what I see is love and good, always." – The Second Revelation

"You are my sibling. We are family. This is the essential truth of life. It is the only moral truth that really matters." – A Letter on Family

I first heard God's voice on a rainy day in 1988, when I was seventeen years old. There was no supernatural thunder or lightning, just the certainty that I was in the presence of the Divine. And in spite of my faults, failures, and rejections, that presence has never left my side. I see God everywhere I look; a gift that is both glorious and maddening. And like all divine gifts, this one is not meant for me to keep, but to share.

"The Book of We Are" website contains the heart of this new divine revelation. It is a collection of writings that attempts to convey what God allows me to see through their eyes. The words are messy, imperfect, and paradoxical, but also an authentic expression of our Parent's love.

The "Good News" blog is part of my efforts at discerning and living out this revelation, while also honoring my upbringing as a Catholic. Now, though my posts might reference Christian scripture, and I will always regard the Church as my home, please understand that this revelation is not the property of any religion, old or new. It belongs to the One who transcends all human labels and definitions.

I cannot explain why God chose to give this particular gift to me. I only know that they did, and so I have an obligation to offer it to you. There is no hidden agenda here; I have nothing to sell. All I ask is that you take a few minutes to read whatever portion intrigues you the most. Anything beyond that is up to God, not me.

"This is my commandment: love one another as I have loved you." – Jesus of Nazareth

"Who are You, my dearest God? And what am I but Your useless servant." – Francis of Assisi

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