Joe Kelly OTC Global Holdings

Co-CEO in London, UK

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One of the things that Joe Kelly is most well known for is that he is the Co-CEO and President of OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH), one of North America’s and Europe’s largest independent interdealer brokers. OTCGH is the leader in the market for US Natural Gas Options, Daily Power Options, as well as US Physical Crude Oil. Joe works diligently for several clients; 70 Fortune 500 businesses, over 300 institutional customers, and over 200 commodity delivery sites. OTCGH has offices worldwide: its offices are throughout North America, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

After graduating from college, Joe worked on the New York Mercantile Exchange's floor. During his time there, he gained a deeper understanding of the various aspects of commodity futures. He then transitioned into the natural gas division of OTC Global Holdings. Joe's first entrepreneurial venture was when he and three partners launched Power Merchants Group, a natural gas and crude oil derivatives firm. Over the course of nine years, he helped the company grow into one of the leading independent over-the-counter commodity brokerage firms in North America.

OTCGH is an incredibly well-known company, having been listed in the Houston Chronicles Chron 100 list of leading privately held companies many times. Not only that, but OTCGH has also been named the Broker of the Year on two separate occasions by Energy Risk. Joe Kelly is incredibly fond of the company he works at because the brokers are partners in the business, allowing them to create innovative and quality ideas.

In addition to being a commodity trading expert, Joe Kelly is an active philanthropist who enjoys giving back to institutions that positively impacted his life. He sits on numerous boards, such as his high school, Don Bosco Prep. Joe Kelly is also very passionate about rugby. Not only does it have physiological and mental benefits, but it also shares many of the same principles as business. When the company opened its first international office in the city, Joe was immediately attracted to the game's spirit and its guiding principles. Joe has made an effort to spread the word about the game and increase its popularity in the US. He was recently named as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Guildford RFU. He also runs the Houston Sabercats, a club he founded. To read more about Joe Kelly