Joel B Hunter

Teacher, Author, and Speaker in Phoenix, Arizona

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Dr Joel B Hunter is a Teacher, Author, and Speaker. His passion is to instruct and encourage students to reach beyond what they think (or have been told) is their academic ceiling. His Website moniker is your "Online Mentor for Honors Education" because he believes that any motivated student can get into and succeed in an Honors program or college and he knows how to help them do it.

But his focus is not just on Honors institutions - he is passionate about helping ALL students succeed in their most challenging academic endeavors. At his website, he writes about questions and problems that his students have, but are sometimes afraid to ask. And he is equally passionate about helping his fellow teachers hone their craft and reap the rewards of their teaching excellence.

Dr Hunter loves the classroom, whether in a formal classroom setting or online. He teaches undergraduate Philosophy courses and interdisciplinary Humanities seminars in the Maricopa County Community College District and at Truckee Meadows Community College. He helps students who are intimidated by having to speak in class discussions, or who are unsure of how to “get” difficult reading assignments, or who feel lost in the thickets of writing an essay.

And he helps mentor fellow teachers with simple, practical advice about pedagogy, course design, and professional development.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge of and experience in Socratic seminars and critical thinking to help students and fellow teachers thrive in this challenging learning environment.

He is committed to sharing ALL of his academic and professional work, and making ALL of his social media presence a place of collaboration, FREE intellectual property, and exploration.

Dr Joel B Hunter's background is eclectic: electrical engineer, environmental consultant, and entrepreneur. He designed and built systems to clean up hazardous compounds at contaminated sites all over the country. And he's started a business to deliver valuable trainings, professional development, and resources to academic institutions, faculty, and parents and others in the support network of students.

In a nutshell, Dr Hunter is a Bibliophile, Singer, Independent Scholar, Rogue Philosopher, Cook, Homebrewer, and Writer. Not necessarily in that order. Flawed, Forgiven, Fallible... and Undaunted.

  • Work
    • MCCCD and Truckee Meadows CC
  • Education
    • University of Kentucky
    • Georgia State University
    • Georgia Institute of Technology