Joel Dale

Writer, comedian, and Technical Product Manager in Austin, Texas

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I'm a guy who likes both the logical and the illogical. So I do comedy and I do computers. Not sure which is which though.

I am an Engineering Manager, Product Owner, and Team Lead who loves solving problems and making a team better than they were the day before.

To that endeavor I recently attended the ScrumAlliance conference in Austin, am currently reading Continuous Delivery to guide my team's transition to true CI/CD, as well as other books to improve my skills as a people manager and general colleague.

I also love my creative endeavors and work in theater.

I currently reside in Austin. I created the show The Temporary People and have promoted a comic book I wrote based on the show at comic conventions in multiple states.

I do stand-up comedy and write/perform original comedic essays.

I wrote movie reviews for and and now continue that on my own at the blog linked above.

I have also written for a noir comedy podcast project.

  • Education
    • BS in Mathematics