Joel Dale

comedian and Technical Product Manager in Los Angeles, California

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I'm a guy who likes both the logical and the illogical. So I do comedy and I do technology. Not sure which is which though.

I am a Product Manager by way of Engineering Manager, Product Owner, Program Manager, Software Engineer, and Team Lead who loves solving problems and making things better for people.

Frustration is opportunity. So it's great turning problems into solutions.

I also love my creative endeavors and work in theater.

I currently reside in Los Angeles. I created the show The Temporary People and have promoted a comic book I wrote based on the show at comic conventions in multiple states.

I do stand-up comedy and write/perform original comedic essays.

I wrote movie reviews for and and now continue that on my own at the blog linked on this page.

I have also written for a noir comedy podcast project.

  • Education
    • BS in Mathematics