Joel Friant

Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, and Sales in Corpus Christi, Texas

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Joel Friant is a serial entrepreneur and free market enthusiast with a penchant for product creation, home-based business, and subconscious success training. Joel thrives on helping others to succeed in, as well as exceed their initial expectations in both their personal life and chosen professions.

After a short stint in real estate sales and home remodel, Joel entered the restaurant arena in 1995, creating the nation’s first ‘Fast Food Thai Concept’, branding himself ‘The Thai Guy’. It was during this time that he also took his passion for the Habanero Chile Pepper and created and began selling his flagship product, The Habanero Shaker. (

Proving sales of his product in some of the largest grocery store chains in Washington State, Joel moved on to doing his own Real Estate foreclosure buying, rehab and selling, commonly known as ‘house flipping’. In 2003 Joel then took his real estate experience and desire to help his friends and others own a home, and quickly learned the real estate mortgage business, rising rapidly to become the top sales person in his office, and then going on to open a branch office of an innovative new company in mortgage lending.

After the financial crisis of 2008, Joel began studying in earnest why some people become successful in life, (both financially and otherwise) and some fail. Creating his own concepts called, among others, ‘The Income Thermostat’, and drawing on early writings from Maxwell Maltz and Wallace Wattles, Joel began teaching his concepts to anyone who would listen. He has now written articles for worldwide success publications, and spoken to thousands in online seminars.

In 2012 Joel took an interest in online sales, where after completing a course selling on eBay & Amazon, began successfully selling his Habanero Shaker as well as others’ products through these mediums. Not long after, Joel saw what was fast appearing to be a revolutionary new concept emerging called crypto-currencies, and learned as much as he could through attending meetups and talking with industry leaders throughout the country.

Joel currently is engaged full time in successtraining utilizing his created concepts, helping others understandcrypto-currency and the blockchain, and furthering his love, passion, andhealth benefits of his Habanero Shaker.