Joey "JoeLinux" Espinosa

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Consultant in Coral Springs, Florida

I'm a problem solver, first and foremost. Beyond that...

I'm a full-stack developer with strong expertise in Python (among other things). I build web applications all the way from the backend infrastructure, databases, and services to the user-facing frontend. I prefer to deploy my applications onto Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform (usually within containers), and believe everything that can be automated, should be.

I'm a strong Linux sysadmin, and understand the various layers and spaces as well as the inner workings of the Linux kernel and how to configure and build kernel modules and applications.

I'm a member of American Mensa, a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, a husband and father, a Christian, a lover of all things open source, and a former Intelligence Analyst with a military background.

Above all else, I am eager to learn more.