Joelle O'Reilly-Hyland

New York, NY

Joelle O'Reilly-Hyland is a philanthropist with a big heart. And, in order to maximize her ability to provide aid, O'Reilly Hyland is partnering with the very best non-profits. Currently, her main interest is in Educate Girls Globally (EGG), a non-profit that has helped educate girls in India and is looking to expand as she and the founders believe the model will work anywhere, no matter how difficult the environment. As EGG looks to branch out into Africa, Joelle O'Reilly-Hyland, has forged an alliance with Africare, which was founded by former Peace Corps members in 1970. "Africare are operational on the ground in 27 countries throughout Africa. Their focus is on hunger but they were looking for an educational component to their work. Women are typically the farmers in Africa, and women who can read make better farmers, not to mention mentors to future generations as the family educators. The results for educating women are exponential and expand well beyond learning metrics."