Joel Mwakasege

Software Engineer and Consultant in Tanzania

Joel Mwakasege

Software Engineer and Consultant in Tanzania

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With our life up 's and down's and everyday challenges, let me share some of my own.

Studying was hard, you got that right.

Hate the morning's.

Missing the time with my bed aggr what a pain.

For some of us being born first in the family, waiting for other trouble maker's to add the family number.

It had it's challenges your the first, so you get disciplined a lot.

Regulations the don't are so much.

You can even find yourself ask.

Daddy can I breath now.

You get the picture.

The friendship challenges, don't get me started there. Those bulls big boys of school,they were like 'Hey I'm the big guy around here, unless you kick my *****.

There was this one, was broke so he used to bully me around to buy him food, candy, school staff you know the drill. Until dady had to kick his huge big ego .

The grades where not that bad, used to be a middle student

Don't get me wrong though.

I had some of my A moments too.

So here I'm with an IT profession, building some few companies while learning to be big along the way.

Struggles are there, don't worry it gets easier along the way.

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