Joel Parker Henderson

Software Consultant in San Francisco, CA, US

Joel Parker Henderson

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I like art, architecture, design, sustainability, tiny homes, off grid living, camping, hiking, biking, sailing, traveling, emerging technologies, crowdfunding projects, progressive nonprofits, social justice, equality for all, organic farming, etc.

I live in San Francisco, California and Bozeman, Montana, and also frequently visit Los Angeles and New York City.

For work, I'm a technology consultant for clients, including,,,,,,, etc.

I have experience working with startups, Silicon Valley venture capital portfolio companies, rapid growth plans, and the like, as well as large enterprises.

I offer pro bono hours and discounts to schools, universities, educational organizations, nonprofits, 501c3 groups, NGOs, and volunteer teams. I donate time and money to many open source projects and organizations, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Free Software Foundation.

I code using many tools and programming languages, including Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Elixir, Ember, R, Objective C, Swift, AWS, Linux, Mac OSX, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Aurora, Apache, NGINX, git, svn, cvs, etc.

Industry keywords: agile, lean, kanban, test driven development, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous improvement, digital innovation platforms, mobile application development, internet of things, security encryption cryptography, free open source software, etc.

I'm interested in AI, machine learning, neural networks, bayesian inferencing, data streams, analytics, and validated learning.

My education is in cognitive science, computer science, and neuroscience, at Brown University, Columbia University, and Washington University.

  • Work
    • SixArm Software Consulting
  • Education
    • Brown University, Columbia University