Joe Wilson

Doctor in North Carolina

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Dr. Joseph Wilson, with his impressive credentials, is the physician you should visit if you’re experiencing any shoulder or knee related issues. With a medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and Orthopedic residency from Duke Medical Center, Dr. Wilson has the training required to help you.

His time as a Flight Surgeon in the United States Navy gives him a distinctive edge and first-hand knowledge of arthroscopic techniques which he uses to solve shoulder and knee injuries. The Dr. has also received the Alps Surgery Institute International Should Fellowship in Annecy which is a great accomplishment for any arthroscopic shoulder surgeon. He has been providing top-notch services to his esteemed clients since 2001 and has been known to work his magic since then.

Dr. Joe Wilson offers second opinions for patient’s shoulder or knee related injuries and can provide a complimentary review of your x-rays or MRIs. Just get in touch with him through his webpage or phone, and he’ll get back to you ASAP.