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Joe Wolfe, a finance and budgeting professional from Olympia, WA, worked for the Thurston County finance office. He participates in mountaineering and climbing events in his local community of Yelm, WA.

How to Get Over Bad Credit

How can I get over bad credit? This is a common question I encounter every day. The idea of how to get over bad credit is not as easy as it may sound. There are quite a few things you must remember, and so utilize. As always I will be here to help you, but I promise to make this as painless as possible. Also, I promise to be honest with you, and so this article will contain as many facts as possible.

As you've probably figured out by now, my goal is to write all of this so you can learn how to get over bad credit, and all of the strategies and methods that will assist you in accomplishing this goal.

How to get over bad credit seven ways:

1. Get some more money

This is obviously bad because you are spending more than you make. However, you have to spend more than you have coming in, to get yourself to a place of no debt.

You can do this simply by getting a part-time job, and by selling some things. If you are good at it, you can make a small store which pays you everything you make. Begin with small part-time jobs, and then expand as you gain more experience. Within your lerisobtains mission, you can do all of this with less than $500 a month, and less than $1000 a month if you are really on top of your finances.

2. Debt is evil

Most people believe that debt is horrible and negative. It's not, actually. Debt is very useful. Almost everyone has at one point in their lives had to use a line of credit.

This is true, but you must remember what created that line of credit, and have a bankruptcy where you must pay back the entire amount of credit extended to you. Credit is merely a tool, and you must use a tool wisely.

3. Decrease everything you currently spend

As I'm sure you have already guess, decreasing what you currently spend will pay you off.

One of the most important steps in decreasing what you currently spend, is to start keeping track of where your money is going. You may not realize how much money just follows you around.

If you write down every penny you spend over the course of a week, you will likely be astounded by what you find out. You spent $ plasma ( Laboratory studies) $7.87 per gallon, $7.13 per gallon on coffee, $14.43 on toilet paper. That's just to go get you coffee and is only 20% of what you spent.