Joey Scanlon

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am a Minnesota native, born and raised around the game of hockey and I would love to work within throughout my career.

After working through my college years as an athletic instructor and mentor of school-aged children, I was fortunate enough to find a job with a start-up, expansion hockey franchise in the North American Hockey League (NAHL). Over the past two years, my responsibilities have progressed to the point in which I am the head of marketing for the organization -- meaning that I creaste all promotional materials and email marketing campaigns for the organization, I oversee our community relations activities, I organization all of our promotional events, and I coordinate our game day operations and manage the internship staff. During my time with the Minnesota Magicians, I was also able to find time to complete my Master's degree in Applied Kinesiology and Sport Management and get married to my college sweetheart.

I consider myself a well-rounded and reliable worker. I would love to find a career within sports (ideally hockey) and I would ultimately like that career to take me to the highest levels of the industry. I feel that over the years, my leadership skills have developed and become a point of strength for me. In particular, I credit my years of experience mentoring children through academic and athletic support for cultivating my leadership ability.

My future goals revolve around working in the front office of a professional hockey organization. Growing up in Minnesota, I have grown to love the game and I believe that I my intelligence and work ethic will enable me to be extremely successful within the industry. While I am fully capable of successfully operating the business components of a hockey organization, my true passion lies within the realm of creating a competitive product on the ice. For the next stage of my career, I would love to explore the scouting and development of young prospects in addition to work within a hockey operatoins department.

  • Work
    • Minnesota Magicians
  • Education
    • Richfield High School
    • University of Minnesota Twin Cities